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Rafael Albarracin

Mr. Albarracin came to the United States from Bogota, Colombia in a quest for knowledge. A lifelong learner, he believes the room of improvement is endless, therefore continuous education is the key component of achieving success. From the moment he came to America in 2013, he has put 100 percent effort into every challenge he tackles. He earned his FAA and PCA commercial pilot license and spent three years flying for a corporate airline. His formation as a commercial pilot helped Rafael develop a methodical and strict approach to accomplishing any goal. In 2016, he immersed himself in the world of digital marketing, and a whole new world of possibilities. Focusing his efforts on becoming an expert in pay-per-click marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Mr. Albarracin works hard to accomplish tasks professionally and ethically, treating clients with the trust, care, and loyalty they deserve. He excels in his ability to reach out to existing contacts and new audiences, presenting his clients with options to facilitate their decision-making.

Mr. Albarracin understands the complexities of navigating the commercial real estate market, especially in New York City.
Whether you are a startup, small business owner, or well known big corporation, we understand the hustle that you can experience trying to find the best space for your business. Because you want to save time, you want to save money, you don't know the market or, ever worse, you don't understand the demographics and psychographics in a specific area.

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